NOTICE! At This Time In The Season, We Are Making Substitutions!

NOTICE! At This Time In The Season, We Are Making Substitutions for A Few Containers and Contents

colorful deep dish margherita pizza on a board with server

Cast Iron Margherita Pizza

Taste Italy with Cast Iron Pizza Margherita Offer: Enjoy the classic combination of ripe red tomatoes, white Mozzarella cheese, and fresh green basil in our Cast Iron Pizza Margherita. Unique Angle: Our Cast Iron Pizza Margherita is crafted to perfection to guarantee the best flavor and texture. Kicker: Try Cast Iron Pizza Margherita today and experience the traditional Italian flavors of Italy! It’s no secret that large cast iron skillets are great for making deep dish pizzas at home, but there are a couple drawbacks to this application. For starters, it is challenging to cut the pizza without damaging that highly coveted well-seasoned surface that makes cast iron cookware so famous. What’s more, it is also difficult to transfer the whole pizza from the skillet to a safe cutting surface to avoid this problem.

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